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Omer Hadžiselimović & Marko Vešović

Jeleni odlažu kosti / Osam američkih pjesnika

Deer Lay Down Their Bones / Eight American Poets


​​Illustrations by Mario Chromý


The book of poetry The Deer Lay Down Their Bones is a selection of poems by eight American poets translated by Omer Hadžiselimović and Marko Vešović. It includes 166 poems by Wallace Stevens, Edgar  Lee Masters, Carl Sandburg, Robinson Jeffers, Robert Lowell, Charles Bukowski, Richard Wilbur, and Charles Simic.

These are the unpublished works from the extensive translating collaboration of Hadžiselimović and Vešović, featuring eight American poets whose creativity, stylistic versatility and innovation, as well as an intimate grasp of the world and society have to a great extent marked the past and this century.

The title of the book, The Deer Lay Down Their Bones, was adopted from Robinson Jeffers’ poem by the same name, also included in this selection. By publishing this book, Samizdat, a small-run publisher of the books whose value is not determined by the commercial success, gets the honors to serve as that lonely place where the deer lay down their bones.

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