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Johann Ivan Wernish

Majstor za ringišpile

Izabrane pjesme i tekstovi 1958-2017

Merry-Go-Round Repairman

Selected poems and texts 1958-2017 

Selection, translation and epilogue by Adin Ljuca



With nearly three hundred poems and texts, Merry-Go-Round Repairman is the most representative selection from the works of this Czech poet published anywhere in the world. The selection also includes  translations from his newest book of poetry, Pernambuco, published this year (2018). In addition, the book includes conversations with the poet from Karel Hviždal's book, as well as an extensive and analytical epilogue detailing Wernish's works. Merry-Go-Round Repairman covers a creative sixty years in the life of
a poet who  is still writing, and, as always, ready  to surprise us anew. 

Wernish was born in Prague in 1942. He is considered the greatest living Czech poet. He has published some thirty books of poetry, of which, for him, the most important one  always is the one he is currently working on. 

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