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Adin Ljuca

Jedan bijeli dan

One White Day


Illustrations by Fatima Hozo


The book, written in February and March of 2013, includes 23 short stories, approximately half of  which are  narrated by a male, and the other half by a female character. Some storylines are set in the Czech Republic,  while others take place in Bosnia, during the pre-war, war, and post-war periods, with some crossing through both time and space, all the while creating a whole and all owing the book to be read like a novel. Interestingly, the book is illustrated by one of its own characters. Fatima Hozo‘s collages accompany most of  the stories, while she also features as the main character in all the stories narrated by a female. What the writer captures with words is illuminated and complemented, from a different angle, by her collages.This collection of stories is about people living in a world that has had its vlaues turned upside down, where everyone can be persuaded to believe in anything, and yet one‘s own eyes can’t be trusted. It is, of course, not a phantasmagoria, but minimalistic autobiographical realism.

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