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Johann Ivan Wernisch

Muha u jutarnjem pivu

A Fly in the Morning Beer


Translated by Adin Ljuca

Illustrations by Johann Ivan Wernisch


Selected poems A Fly in the Morning Beer presented the great poet Ivan Wernsich, a living legend of Czech poetry, in our language in the form of a book for the first time.


The poems are accompanied by 12 of the author's collages, an appendix that represents the author's unique "attempt" to interpret "Songs at Dusk", a watercolor portrait of Ivan Wernsich on August 18, 2005. painted by Antonín Sladek, and the translator's analytical föreword "Paraphrases, Mystifications and Forgeries of Ivan Wernisch".


The unique artistic look of the book was given by Mario Chromý.


The book was published under the logo of the Tešanj Center for Culture and Education in 2012. It could be said that this project of the tandem Adin Ljuca - Mario Chromý represents the zero project of Samizdat,
the embryo from which the artistic appearance of Samizdat developed.

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