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Adin Ljuca

Jedna rečenica

One Sentence


Illustrations by Mario Chromý


Jedna rečenica (One Sentence) was commissioned by Revolver Revue, the Prague publisher that printed the Czech version of the book. This is how Viktor Karlik, the author of this interesting project, explains its genesis: „At the end of 2008, an idea occurred to me to develop a project where a selected author would write one sentence every day for a period of twelwe months.  The length of the sentence is completely at the author's discretion: it can be one word, a simple sentence, or one long compound sentence. Just a capital letter at the beginning, a period at the end, including, if suitable, a date, time or other telling information. Ideally, this would create 365 notes associated with the  moments in the author's life and the reader would be able to participate in the adventure of following the author's thoughts. A grandiose compression of an entire year with just a limited number of words.“


One Sentence by Adin Ljuca spans the period beginning on December 14, 2018 and ending on  December 13, 2019.  At the end of his eighth month of writing, the author concluded: „Jedna rečenica is an unusual form, like a picture captured by a window frame, and it changes constantly – what you see in the morning may seem perfect and finalized, but in the early evening, it is something totally different. “

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