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Milorad Pejić


was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1960.  Since 1992 he has lived in Sweden.  He entered the literary scene of Bosnia with his poetry book The Vase for the Lily Plant ("Svjetlost," Sarajevo, 1985). His   second book of poems, The Eyes of Keyholes, was published bilingually, in Bosnian and German, by "Bosanska riječ" (Tuzla-Wuppertal, 2001). The book's second, revised, edition was published by the same publisher in November of 2012. The Eyes of Keyholes was published in English (translated by Omer Hadžiselimović) by "Červená Barva Press" (Sommerville, MA) in 2015. The poetry collection Hyperborea  was first published in 2011 by the Czech publisher "Aula" (Prague). The book was republi-shed in 2013, by the "Mak Dizdar Foundation" (Sarajevo), having been awarded the Slovo Makovo-Mak Dizdar Prize in 2012  for the best poetry collection published in Bosnian/Cro-atian/Montenegrin/Serbian the year before. The English tran-slation of Hyperborea (by O. Hadžiselimović) was published by Samizdat in 2016. Pejić's latest book of poems, The Third Life, came out in Tuzla (Bosanska Medijska Grupa) in 2015. This book was also published in English translation 2020 (The third life, translated by Omer Hadžiselimović, Samizdat). In the same year, the Czech book publisher Protimluv (Ostrava) published a selection of poetry translated into Czech (Vybrané básně).




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