Adin Ljuca


was born in 1966 in Zenica. Since 1992 he has lived in Prague.

He has published the following books:

  • Hidžra (poetry), Prague, 1996

  • Maglaj: In the Footprints of the Past (a cultural-historical study), Maglaj, 1999.

  • Vytetované obrazy (fiction), Prague, 2005

  • Istetovirane slike (fiction), Sarajevo, 2010

  • Stalaktit (poetry), Tešanj, 2015

  • One White Day (fiction), Ostrava, 2017.

  • Stalactite, Translated by Omer Hadžiselimović, Samizdat, Prague, 2020.

  • Jedna věta, Přeložil Jaroslav Šulc. Praha, Revolver Revue, 2020.

In addition to poetry and fiction, he has written and translated dozens of scholarly works in the cultural history of Czech-South Slavic relations.