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Petr Hruška

Nužni smještaj

Izabrane pjesme 1995-2017

Emergency Accommodation

Selected poems 1995-2017


Selection, translation and conversation with the poet by Adin Ljuca

Reproductions of paintings by Jakub Špaňhel


Petr Hruška, poet and literary historian, is one (of two) greatest living Czech poets. To date, he has published seven books of poems and one book of prose. He is conside, red based on his poetic expression, a detailist and a photographer specializing in capturing the landscapes of a single moment.

His masterful minimalism draws cosmic meaning from the simple, microscopic moments of the everyday life. The book Emergency Accommodation is the most encompassing from his poetic opus translated into Bosnian. It contains some 140 poems (few words, big labor).

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