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Možda odlazimo (It May Be That We Go)

Jan Balabán


With this collection of stories, it would be easy to write a note in the style imposed by the literary industry and expected by consumer civilization, and spit it on the cover:


In the Lidových newspaper poll, the collection of short stories It May Be That We Go was chosen in 2004 as Book of the Year, won the Magnesia Litera Award for prose in 2005, and in 2011 was named Book of the Decade…


It would be easy, and it is true. However, this would not be in the style of Jan Balabán, whose incorruptibility, consistency and refusal to compromise are fascinating. And who never gave up on something just for fear that readers might not like it. Or differently: he never did anything to make it easier for them or to gain their favor.

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