Milorad Pejić: Hyperborea


Our first book, the poetry collection Hyperborea, came out in early February, 2016. It was published in 32 copies, or bibliophile versions (16 illustrated and 16 nonillustra-ted; ISBN 978-80-260-9357-2). The books were manufactured by hand and took a lot of care to put together. Handmade paper of the Papyrea Premium variety was used for both versions. The covers were made of a mix of hemp fiber and flax, with an admix-ture of water hyacinths. The slipcase was constructed of durable archival cardboard for long-lasting storage of artistic artifacts and archival materials.

Hyperborea was first published in 2011 by Aula in Prague. It was re-published in 2013 in Sarajevo by the Mak Dizdar Foundation, after having been awarded the Slovo Mak- ovo – Mak Dizdar Prize as the best poetry book published in Bosnian/ Croatian/Monte-negrin Serbian in  2012.  Samizdat is now offering Hyperborea in English, in Omer Ha- džiselimović's translation.