publishes books of genuine literary value and artistic design, products of pleasing heft when held in the hand, smelling of the times when books meant something, with rustling pages made out of the coarse paper we remember from the Cold War. Our publications are bibliophile, small-circulation editions, works of authentic poetry and prose both in the original language and in translation in several languages, printed on manufactured paper, sewn and processed by hand, and packed in specially constructed protective slipcases. For the most part, each copy of the bibliophile edition will incorporate a few original art prints, drawings, or fragments "from the pen" of recognized masters of visual arts. As a result, each book, apart from its literary value, will be an original art object. Our Internet readers will be able to access the electronic versions of each of our books at the Samizdat website. 
Samizdat has no physical address, so you can't visit us. We don't have office space, a bookstore, a printing press, or equipment in one place. As fits our name, we work in a publishing underground, not connected to  and not influenced by the literary establishment, which puts profit first and literature second. But this does not mean that we can't be contacted. On the contrary, we can have coffee with you at an appointed time and an agreedon place, say in the Czech Republic, Sweden, the United States, in the Balkans, or some other unhappy country. 


The following persons have had a hand in the preparation and making of our editions:


Adin Ljuca


Milorad Pejić


Omer Hadžiselimović


Amela Abadžić


Esma Hadžiselimović


Fatima Hozo  Bookbinding

Mario Chromý

Graphic Design